Overpass on time, making adjustments

By Lewis Spearman

CROSBY – The builders of the Overpass in Crosby are meeting challenges and talking about changes coming to the local traffic flow.

David Boehm, owner of N.B.G Constructors was exhausted last Tuesday having had his company tapped to perform the emergency bridge repair in IH-10 last weekend ( a truck burned under it and damaged the bridge) but they got it done on time (within a single weekend) and have a history of getting large projects done on time.

The Overpass of Railroad tracks on Main Street in Crosby is scheduled to be completed in late Summer of 2013. N.B.G Constructors is within their first Milestone Incentive for finishing on time and it seems they are making progress to meet their Milestones of construction.

They are still in the First Milestone of the construction of the Overpass of the local Union Pacific railroad tracks locally but have surmounted a challenge at South Diamondhead with the left turn signal for northbound traffic.

“We have made some changes in the traffic control sequence because of traffic backing up at South Diamondhead because people wanted to turn left. TXDoT and N.B.G. Constructors got together and we fast tracked some of that paving over on the East side of the road to where we have a left turn lane and now we are going to be paving the North end of that section, out of sequence a little bit, to make things easier on the travelling public.” said Boehm.

“We opened that left turn lane a little ahead of the plan to keep traffic flowing.” Boehm answered.

So what is the next traffic switch coming for this area?

“Have you seen where we are building what we call frontage roads on the East side of the construction? We will be pouring traffic over to that East side into the new frontage road so that we have two lanes going North and one lane going southbound on the extant FM 2100. We are doing everything we can to keep the traffic flowing well.” answered Boehm.