Community follows 2012 Olympics with interest

Crosby's Aaron Cole trained for the Olympic swim trials

By Gilbert Hoffman

Many eyes were on the London 2012 Olympics this last two weeks, including Rotarians in Highlands that had a special insight into the event, thanks to a presentation from their club member and Olympic hopeful swimmer, Aaron Cole.

Cole trained for almost a year with the idea that he could reach the trials, and perhaps make the USA olympic swim team. But Cole said that his time just wasn’t good enough, by about a second, to get to the final trials in Kansas City in June.

The Olympics, known as London 2012, will last from July 27th, the Opening Ceremony, until the final day August 12. Cole said there will be 26 sports featured, with some more popular or well known than others.

He thought the event that most people watched and were most familiar with was swimming, with gymnastics also a popular event. In swim events, well known competitors are Michael Phelps, and Ryan Lochte. Other popular sports with spectators include basketball, soccer, diving, Taekwondo and volleyball.

Many of the competitors are from the Houston area or trained here, and a detailed list of these follows at the end of the article. In Taekwondo especially, Cole said, one family from Sugarland has captured the public imagination. Stephen and Diana Lopez are due to compete and are favored to win medals for the USA.