Busy burglar ring busted

By Lewis Spearman

CHANNELVIEW – A couple had only begun to gas up their newly obtained vehicle when it reported back to its owner.

The owner of 10 Acres Auto on U.S 90 called deputies concerning his vehicle stolen from his lot and that he had just installed with Lo-Jack, the security recovery system. He gave deputies the location of the vehicle.

Pct. 3 Deputies rolled to Dell Dale and South Brentwood in Channelview. A male driver and a female passenger were within the car being filled with gasoline. Deputies removed the suspects from the car and conducted an inventory of items prior to the vehicle being towed.

Deputies then found numerous identifications from many individuals throughout northeast Harris County. They found a variety of driver’s licences, identification cards, a couple of passports and check books from numerous other people, some from east of Lake Houston. They found checks made out to the North Shore Rotary from various people. Coincidentally, the treasurer of North Shore Rotary had reported checks stolen from his vehicle.

The district attorney took charges against Jason Dinroe 31, and Amber Richards, 27. Deputies then were able to find where the two were residing, at a nearby motel. They went to the Shady Glen Motel and obtained a consent to search the building and found (among other items) a loaded shotgun, a pistol hidden under their pillow. Numerous checks were found, numerous tools called by law enforcement burglary tools were also found.

At that location, Dinroe’s normally used vehicle, a truck was loaded with items that appear to have been taken during burglaries. Deputies recovered a computer, jewelry aand some cash at the Shady Glen.

Captain Moore said that Dinroe had been to prison three times on burglaries and thefts.

As deputies reviewed the video from the car lot, they noted that another truck dropped Dinroe off at High 10 Autos and the burglary followed. But the truck that dropped him off had license plates that was exactly like a Ford F-150 that had been stolen the day before at about 1:00 p.m.

During the investigation deputies were able to ascertain the location of that F-150. Deputies also determined that the couple was associated with a storage facility near where they were arrested.

Surveillance of that storage facility that the couple was using lead to other arrests. Dinroe as not personally renting that storage facility but had access to it. Deputies put five other suspects in jail related to the storage facility.

A total of 13 suspects were detained related to the surveillance and investigation.