Father, son from Crosby die in ultralight crash

Crash located about 100 yards East of Hatcherville Rd. between US90 and FM 1942 in Chambers County on Monday. Photo by Precinct 3 Deputy Joe Flanagan

CROSBY – A father and son died in a crash of an ultralight experiemental aircraft on the afternoon of Oct. 28 flying from Dunham Airfield to RJW Airport in Beach City.

According to local sources the plane took off at about 4:30 p.m. Aboard were Alan Gregory Vossler, 52, and his son Michael Alan Vossler, 20. It was a newly painted experimental ultralight Hornet. Alan Vossler is known as “one of our Baytown buddies” to many in the Crosby area. Vossler has been one of the key pilots for the Texas Equusearch Rescue for the last 6 years and founded Powerlines Solutions in Baytown. He is the father of five children.

According to Department of Public Safety Public Information Officer Richard Standifer emergency crews from Mont Belvieu, Department of Public Safety Troopers and Federal Avaition Administration were alerted by radio signals at 16:45 24 hour that Sunday that a sudden impact had taken place. The craft was found to have caught fire shortly after hitting the ground. Witnesses say the single engine propellor in reverse fixed wing aircraft had been seen flying low over treetops in the vicinity. The crash site proved to be near FM 1942 out in the 14,900 block of Hatcherville Rd. some 20 feet south of Liberty County line within Chambers County.

The National Transportation Safety Board was called to investigate the crash according to F.A.A. spokesman Tony Molinaro after it was determined that there were two fatalities.