Merry Christmas

Me and the Mrs. Wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a happy next four years.

It might take that long to get all the household goods squared away or at least learn where everything is now. Frustrating when you try and find a kitchen item or wonder where she put it.

Pesky old fruit flies have already found a home. They gather around the items of fruit and the onion pile. Will have to put up one of those sticky strips near the kitchen sink light and leave it on at night. Those things sure did work in the other house with a fluorescent bulb.

Have to buy bananas on a regular basis for my monkey or at least that’s what I tell the cashier at the grocery checkout. Maybe a mini net would help keep the pesky gnats off the fruit.

Had to repaint the shutters again at the old place, she didn’t like the color of green selected by yours truly. The color was of what would sell, got two calls on it but the excessive chatter was not worth it so I give in and broke out the roller with a darker color green.

Painting and moving furniture is something women should not be allowed to do once moving begins or the first daub is daubed. Had to paint the hall bathroom three times before a certain yellow color could be achieved a while back.

For instance back in my banking career, it involved moving furniture, file cabinets and going to get the paper order. We had a dozen or more large legal file cabinets used in a department of the bank. There were some asbestos lined cabinets also, they’ll hurt you.

Bet we moved those files (full) many times over. Have moved them more than once in a single move as opinions differed among the movers as to where the files should go.

Reading on Facebook and all these people being blessed and giving thanks again. Felt like yours truly has been blessed along with all them blessed people.

Got some deer sausage links from Du, something you cain’t buy at the Kroger or Wal-Mart.

Got a sack of home grown tomatoes from my gardening guru in Highlands, Texas.

Had Thanksgiving with one of the twins, been almost 20 years.

Blessed out by the Mrs. on the color of shutters I painted over at the old house. Shoot fire, if I don’t get blessed out occasionally, I might feel like I’m doing something right.

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