Methodist Hospital tells Crosby Rodeo of use of funds for cancer survivors

Denise Martinez of San Jacinto Methodist Hospital speaks with Rodeo Board directors and Tough Enough to Wear Pink Committee telling of where funds go that come in via donations. The Rodeo made donations to The Pink Heals Endowment Fund

CROSBY – San Jacinto Methodist Hospital’s Director of Cancer Services came to a meeting with the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Board and the Tough Enough To Wear Pink Committee on Monday night to talk about where the funds the Rodeo donated were spent.

By the time of the meeting adjournment, the Cancer Services had received ringing endorsements and pledges for future support from the active rodeo members.

Denise Martinez, an oncology registerCed nurse, at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital is directing cancer care for the hospital and described in detail how two checks were used for patient care that the Crosby Fair & Rodeo wrote through their efforts to the hospital. One of the checks was for about $5,000 that went to the San Jacinto Methodist Cancer Center Pink Heals Endowment from the first Bras for the Cause Donation. The second check was for $30,087 and went to 15 patients from the Pink Heals Endowment Fund 2011-2013.

Martinez told the group that when she became an oncology nurse she expected to hear folks that had just been told they had cancer say, ‘How can we treat this?’ ‘What is going to happen to my family?’ but instead heard, “I don’t have time for this.” and “I need my job to pay bills.” At San Jacinto Methodist Hospital the Navigation Nurse for the Oncology patient enables the access for local recipients.

As director, she has been enabled though the endowment to tell patients “You go take care of yourself and we will handle the bills.”

The funds break down such that none of these funds however go to the doctors or health facilities providing the medical service but go to handle bills. Five grand for one patient means $890 for the car note, $1,969 for medication, $1,350 for the mortgage and about $891 for utilities to assist the patient as the patient can concentrate on getting medical services.

Some $10,034 went to Cobra Insurance from the second check, $2,790 went to dental care, some $5,665 went to utilities, mortgages accounted for $7, 543, car notes took $1,943 and medication accounted for $2,112.

American Cancer Society expenses in 2010 were broken down into 15% for adult cancer research, some 21% goes to fund-raising, about 7% goes to administering the program, one percent goes to childhood research, 15% goes to public awareness, education and legislation, some 21% goes to grants for screening and mammograms and finally about 29% goes to patient support including on-line support network, transportation to medical services, navigation (telephone resource for access to resources,) appearance aids, like wigs, prosthesis and finally lodging or those needing to travel for services.

So, Saturday, June 22, when your neighbors and friends ask you to wear pink to the Crosby Fair & Rodeo so the American Cancer Society can get funds from sponsors for those that care enough to be tough enough to wear pink, now you know what difference it makes.