Widening S. Diamondhead breaks ground

Precinct 2 Commissioner Jack Morman brought his crews to South Diamondhead for a groundbreaking joined by board members of the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce

CROSBY – Precinct 2 Commissioner Jack Morman is making good on his promises to be the infrastructure commissioner for Northeast Harris County and on Tuesday he broke ground at Crosby Volunteer Fire Station #2 to begin the widening of South Diamondhead Boulevard.

First to speak at the groundbreaking was Alan Kulak, Fire Chief of the Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept. who welcomed the dignitaries and community to the fire station.

Early efforts will smooth the access to and from the fire station, then the widening will begin from there west.

In total the project cost to Harris County Precinct 2 is to be $1.9 million, according to engineer Jack Rodriquez, the engineering process went smoothly and the construction process alone was over $1.4 M of that $1.9M. Rodriquez pointed out that various overlay projects in the rest of Crosby have now been accomplished and that when given the choices of tackling the asphalt roads within the subdivision and widening South Diamondhead, the property owners association overwhelmingly chose widening the south entrance and exit to the subdivision.

Dennis Pilkington, President of the property owners association spoke next in praise of the Commissioner that he introduced as a promise keeper. “He, (Commissioner Morman,) has done a tremendous job of transferring money from people to infrastructure. Because without infrastructure, as I’ve been preaching to everybody that would listen in this community that would listen for 20 years, you are not going to have any growth. If you don’t have any decent water, any sewer, better roads, or good school buildings you are going to end up with a low demographic population and then you’ve got no money to do anything.”

Morman said, “We are thrilled to be in the Crosby area, we did inherit this area through the redistricting process. Construction will start in July and will be finished in October.” He thanked the property owners association and stated “Without their cooperation they would not be able to be out here.”

The design team after specifications were set by Precinct 2 was LandTech Consultants, Inc. with GEOTECH and Crouch Environmental Services, Inc. The construction team is Angel Brothers.