SWAT standoff on I-10 ends quietly after Highlands man threatens others

Baytown Police SWAT team investigates the Ford pick-up truck that Scheele drove when he arrived at Love’s Truck Stop. No weapons or drugs were found on the vehicle

Baytown police and their SWAT team answered a call last Friday from Love’s Truck Stop on I-10 at Thompson Road, where an irate person had entered the store screaming for the clerks to call the police because he was going to shoot everyone.

The incident started around 11:30 a.m., as the man later identified as Eric Scheele, 53, from Highlands, entered wearing only underwear, and carrying an object in his hand that was at first thought to be a gun, and later a cell phone or similar object.

After the initial outburst, Scheele reportedly retreated to his truck parked in front of the store, as the police were called. Upon arrival with a large contingent, including the SWAT team, the officers surrounded Scheele’s truck and began to negotiate with him.

Police moved everyone to a safe location at the back of the store, and warned nearby businesses. They also blocked his truck with an armored vehicle, as they attempted to calm and control the situation. They did not know if Scheele was armed, and could hear him muttering to himself, and eating. He also had something in his lap, which at first was thought to be a weapon, and later turned out to be food. He resisted the police attempts to talk or take him into custody, taunting them to shoot him.

After about two hours of the standoff, with by-standers and television helicopters watching the drama, the police managed to talk him into surrendering.

Scheele was then taken to the Harris County Psychiatric Center in Houston, to be evaluated. At this time he has not been charged with any crime, pending the psychiatric review. Authorities say that the Sheriff’s office has dealt with him before for similar activities.