Crosby hosts two parades for local kids

Santa and Mrs. Clause rode to the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon in the C-HCC Christmas Parade.

CROSBY – Twice on Dec. 14 parades filled the streets of Crosby with vehicles one was the Toys For Tots Toy Run that went from DownSouth OffRoad at Noon to the Wal-Mart in Crosby and the other was The Christmas Parade by the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce beginning at 2:00 p.m. from Crosby Church and reaching viewers at about 2:30 p.m. between the Baptist Church and Crosby Kindergarten.

The Toy Run collected just over 5,000 toys and had 211 ATVs and other off-road vehicles participate to make gifts of toys to over 90 families that need some extra help for Santa, according to Kendyl Clamon, of DownSouth OffRoad.

According to Austin Salinas, of Friendly Ford of Crosby, “We had the extra good fortune this year of having a customer whose father had owned a toy store years ago and had a bunch of toys boxed up in his garage just taking up space, the customer told us just to take them and give them to those that needed them as the father himself had passed. We felt especially blessed to be able to do that after so many had helped us last week make a contribution to the 2nd Annual Off-Road Toy Drive.”

As the parade was near returning to the off-road site on the north side of the Beaumont Highway some off-road vehicles were just arriving at the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Children’s Festival

Meanwhile at the Fairgrounds, a 1k and 5k fun run made up the Jingle Bell Run in the morning.

Dr. Ryan Kornik again hosted the growingly popular event that raises funds for the C-HCC general fund and enables education programs.

Then a host of activities played out under the pavilion with featured attraction of the kids attending Crosby ISD after they participated in the parade. Most stellar was the Crosby Military Marching Band in triumphant lead for Santa and Mrs. Clause brought in again this year by Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept.

A bunch of fair rides, free hot dogs, free cotton candy, and Word Photography donated free pictures with Santa and Mrs. Clause were just some of the attractions.

A bevy of attractions and booths attracted old and young alike. Especially praised was the fried shrimp sales.

The two parades represent the diversity of of the area as Crosby burgeons and the good will grows.