Officials promise widening of FM2100 by 2019

TxDOT’s Quicy Allen

CROSBY-HUFFMAN– It looks like as early as 2019 drivers on FM 2100 can expect to move a little faster on two lanes in both directions.

The Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce had as guests last Thursday not only TXDoT’s Quincy D. Allen, P.E. but also Jeremy Phillips, Senior Director of Infrastructure for Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Jack Morman. Along with them as guest, Dan Huberty R., District 127 Texas House of Representatives.

“We are really picking up steam on FM 2100,” Quincy Allen,Deputy District Engineer Houston District said. Allen was instrumental in the completion of U.S. 90 and helped move through the overpass of the Union Pacific railroad tracks in Crosby.

“Right now, we are looking at what our right-of-way needs are and we’ll start the process of dividing right-of-way. We’ve got to get an environmental study done to make sure we’re not disturbing the wetlands or vegetation that might be in danger but that process takes time and we’ve got that started,” he said.

This proposed project sought by the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce on FM 2100 is to make four lanes throughout the eight-mile stretch from FM 1960 to Hare Road. Costs should run about $60 million and is expected to be submitted to a project selection panel in August 2014.

Allen suggested that Wayne Smith, R. 128th Texas House of Representatives, had been a prime mover of the project and often offered questions and suggestions engineer to engineer.

According to Wayne Smith, “I met with TXDoT not just those in Austin but also those there about making improvements to FM 2100 a few times and I’ve met with the county a few times. The county has some responsibility in that corridor and Jack Morman really wants it done. To relieve the congestion will take a combined effort working with TXDoT, the House of Representatives and Harris County Commissioners. I think we have placed a priority that we want to get done.”

“Jeremy Phillips and I have been able to work together on several projects and I’m here to tell you point blank that this is about the strongest partnership that I have had with Harris County in a certain area in a long time,” said Allen.

The question came up at the luncheon about the backup in Barrett Station. As covered in the April 24 issue of the Star-Courier, the $7.5 Million proposed project the county is doing to widen FM 2100 through Barrett Station hinges on TXDoT connecting to FM 1942 as a four lane south of the U.S. 90 overpass. When accomplished, the county can then begin to put in culverts in the ditches and widen the roadway through Barrett Station.

“We’re confident that the need exists for this area. This roadway is high on that list and we are confident that it will be selected, approved and we’re pushing ahead,” Allen said. “We’re going to start our design work, developing our partnerships with the county and some others; I’m fairly confident that this thing is going to go.”

“We are fairly confident now that it will not get sidetracked.” Rep. Smith stated, “Environmental is going on now until about 2015 then we should be able to do the right of way. I’m looking for about 2016 or 2017 for the shovels to start.”

Dan Huberty answered this reporter that “Expanding the other side from New Caney down to FM 1960 going through Huffman is what we are focused on going into the next session, getting the additional funding for that is going to be critical.”