Cavazos steps down amid controversy

BAYTOWN – On August 7 the Board of Trustees of Goose Creek Consolidated ISD authorized the President of the District’s Board to accept the resignation of Dr. Salvador Cavazos, Superintendent of Goose Creek Schools.

Board member Agustin Loredo III stated, “It has been a tough couple of months for me.

I am very sad that this has happened. In our district a lot of the things these groups are now saying are not true. But, I can’t argue because perception is always stronger than reality.”

Then he quoted figures for the academic standards that have yet to be released.

He said “We have the lowest student turnover rate in the last five years, right now.”

Jenice Coffey made the motion. Coffey, Daniel Blackford, President Jimmy Smith and Vicky Melo voted for accepting the motion, Howard Sampson and Loredo voted against.

There seems to be at issue if reassigning 8 principals to lower rank and pay and the announcement of 12 new principals was a restructuring to meet standards or restaffing for conformity to the demands of the superintendent. Also at issue was spending $14.4 M. on a project from the general fund at Lee High School that was to have been a $10M. project by the bond committee.

There were two closed sessions and a 15 minute recess. During the last closed session, Loredo was giving an interview to a television station.

The last item on the agenda was to determine if the special meeting on August 11 was necessary but that meeting was necessary to approve new hires and accept resignations. On August 12 educators had to begin new training.

A motion to accept Mr. Randal O’Brien for acting Superintendent was made by Melo and seconded by Jenice Coffey. The motion passed unanimously.