Barrett man shot, suspect hunted

BARRETT STATION – A man was shot in the back during an altercation last Thursday.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were called to the intersection of Cottontail and Joan of Arc St. on Oct. 2 concerning a shooting.

A man was found laying in a field near Rubin White Drive at about 9:00 p.m. Deputies say he was alert and refusing to answer any questions concerning an incident that had left him with a gunshot hole in the middle of his back.

The victim was first attended by HCESD#5 ambulance crews. The man was taken by Lifeflight helicopter to Herman Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Detectives found the victim’s vehicle shot numerous times. Another vehicle was found directly behind the shot up victim’s vehicle with a semi-automatic weapon inside.

As the investigation continues, Deputies had learned that a shooting suspect fled the area right after an altercation.

Locally, it is said a young guy flashed a roll of currency bills about 4 inches in diameter and was subsequently shot.

The names have not yet been released pending further investigation.

Following the Lifeflight and while Detectives were investigating, a radio dispatch call for Crosby’s area ambulance, HCESD#61, to return to the scene for an “unknown problem” were made.