Crosby High threats handled by system

CROSBY – A student is no longer attending Crosby High School and extra deputies will be at Crosby schools this week due to threats made by that student to others.

A student had indicated that the student making the threats was going to shot fellow students.

The student was turned in to campus administration by other students. The student was brought to the office and the student withdrew from school on Monday.

The implemented system worked as planned.

Dr. Keith Moore, Superintendent of Crosby ISD said, “We feel the situation has been well handled and is under control but out of an over abundance of caution we will have extra Constables’ Deputies on the Crosby High School Campus tomorrow. The Precinct 3 Constables’ office has been very helpful and cooperative.”

Greg Bower, Principal of Crosby High School said in a released statement, “Sunday and yesterday, I made a call-out to Crosby High School parents regarding an alleged threat made by a Crosby High School student. Although the alleged threat was isolated to C.H.S., I would like the rest of the community to be informed as well. ”

“On Friday of last week, a student informed C.H.S. staff about a possible, serious threat to students at our high school. C.H.S. administration immediately notified our local Constables and worked closely with them to investigate the matter. The Officer and campus administration determined that it was highly unlikely that the student who allegedly made these threats had the ability to carry them out. Regardless of his ability to carry the threats out, threats of this nature are not a joking matter. It is not acceptable for that student to have verbalized such a threat. We have heard several versions going around about this incident. Please note that there was only one student who allegedly made this threat, and this student is no longer enrolled at C.H.S.. We place your child’s safety as our main concern, and we feel that your child is well protected and safe at C.H.S. as well as other Crosby ISD campuses. If you or your child feels unsafe, please let me, a district staff member, or your child’s campus administrator know at any time. As always, we are thankful for your support of our schools,” Bower concluded.