Sheriff opens office in Highlands

Deputy Valdez’s mother and son join Traci Dillard

HIGHLANDS – The new Sheriff Ron Hickman, Gretchen Knowles of Precinct 2 Harris County Commissioner Jack Mormon Office, Precinct 3 Constable Ken Jones, the staff of Woodforest Bank in Highlands and a host of deputies and members of the Highlands-Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce turned out last Wednesday to dedicate a return of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Storefront.

The storefront is inside the Woodforest Bank Building at 420 S. Main, it will also house the Harris County Joint Task Force. The HCJTF is a task force comprised of law enforcement in the vicinity working together to interdict serious area crime.

Sheriff Ron Hickman at the occasion lauded Constable Ken Jones for the “Outstanding relationship between Precinct 3 and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as both offices move forward to community policing. “Particularly in Pro-Active Policing our collaboration has had a significant impact. By working together we can do so much more for this community,”

Traci Dillard, President of the Highlands Chamber of Commerce in a special dedication oration attributed the storefront’s return to Highlands to a conversation between Dickie Woods with the former commander of HCSO storefronts years ago. A ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by the Chamber with the Sheriff and Constable holding the ribbon at the scissors.

The Highlands Storefront will serve as a community based outpost of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, serving the public’s need in the surrounding area.

Deputy Jesse “Trey” Valdez III was remembered with a special dedication Wednesday during the grand opening of the storefront. His mother and son attended the meeting and were recognized. Deputy Valdez was kiled in the line of duty on Wallisville Rd. when hit by an impaired driver in a head-on auto collision. A K-9 Deputy was purchased by the East Aldine District for the county, for $10,000 and bestowed with his name in honor of his service.

Sheriff Hickman said to the mother and her grandson, “We support you.”

The Highlands Storefront will operate Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Members of the community can file criminal complaints, offense reports and seek law enforcement assistance from deputies assigned to staff storefronts in their communities.

Brandon Baird, the manager of Woodforest Banks’ Highlands Branch said, “I know Woodforest Bank is very excited. Woodforest is a community bank and we love that we can host the Sheriff’s Office in the same building as us, it is just a pleasure.”

An array of law enforcement including the bulk of the K-9 Units and a variety of special task deputies were on hand with a variety of local business and service personnel.