Two admit stealing from cars in Newport

Frederick Butler

NEWPORT – Harris County Sheriff’s Office East District Patrol deputies arrested and charged two local suspects for a string of car burglaries.

Deputies report that at about 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 09, 2015, Deputy T. Dowlearn, was patrolling on FM 2100 near the Crosby Village subdivision.

Deputy Dowlearn saw two young men walking down the center of the roadway wearing a backpack and pushing a bicycle. He stopped the two suspects, now identified as Frederick Butler (DOB 08/29/1997), and a 15 year old juvenile.

The area has had a history of thieft from vehicles dating back before the accussed were born.

Deputy Dowlearn inquired why Butler was carrying numerous telephone chargers in his hand.

The deputy asked Butler for consent to search his backpack, and was granted permission.

Inside Butler’s backpack were other phone chargers and devices for various cellular phones. Also stuffed into the Curious George Backpack were DVDs, DVD playing systems and a host of cell phone chargers.

Deputy R. Vitols arrived to assist him from Newport in his investigation. Deputy Vitols began searching the 6100 block of Lovage Avenue, which is very close to the area where the suspects were originally detained.

Deputy Vitols found over a dozen vehicles had been broken into by Butler and the juvenile and still more in the Newport Subdivision.

Butler and the juvenile allegedly admitted they took the property from vehicles and deputies returned items stolen to homeowners.

Deputy Dowlearn contacted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and they accepted two counts of burglary of a motor vehicle on each suspect.

The Sherrif’s office called the arrest pro-active, but there may have been a call about suspicious activity too.