Clothe-A Child blesses families

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CROSBY – Local families got a special Christmas gift this year from Clothe-A-Child. Some got a $100 gift voucher for Wal-Mart and they were assisted by local families as hosts that turned out to help them pick out their Christmas gifts and stay under $100. About 900 people participated this year.

Recipient families got the voucher plus toys for the youngsters from a massive toy drive so all the children were able to pick out several toys after their shopping for clothes thanks to Down South Off Road.

Keenan Smith, pastor of Crosby Church, A Fellowship of Believers, “Our Clothe- a- Child events are over and WOW what an amazing time! Thousands of children have been so blessed for all the years. I want to say a huge thank you to all of our Host Families that helped to make this Christmas brighter and better for hundreds of children and their families. Thank you for your financial support an sacrifice, thank you for your time an devotion, thank you for your care and concern to others at this very special time of year. These magical, loving events would not happen if it wasn’t for your dedication to help someone else, to see outside of ourselves into the needs of others and that’s what Christmas is truly about. This event blessed families from our entire region that would not have had a Christmas gift if it wasn’t for all of your love and concern followed up with faith manifest into actions for others.”

One could witness the miracles. One young lady about 13 years old was so excited she was getting new clothes because the jeans she was wearing were the only ones she had. Another child had no jacket to wear he wanted one because its been really cold some. Then again one child just wanted socks when asked why he didn’t have any on, he said “I don’t have any.”

Children were so thrilled their faces lighting up to get new clothes was truly awing.

“Thank you Crosby Church for your devotion and faithfulness to make thousands of children’s and their parents dreams come true. Christmas is about the greatest Gift ever given in Christ Jesus, which helps to remind us about how we also should be sacrificial in our giving to others. So thank you all for showing the Love of Christ to a world around us and that is the spirit of Christmas!!” Pastor Smith beamed, “Each child was able to shop for one hundred dollars’ worth of clothes I always say that we are not just buying them clothes but we are giving them dignity so when they return to school they will have new clothes like the other kids and then perhaps the will insert into the learning process rather than revert out of it and I believe education is what helps break the cycle of poverty. So our prayer is as they grow they will stay in school and reach their full potentials and become world changers.”

Extreme Off Road Park hosted a huge toy drive for the children that we distributed to the children who would have had nothing otherwise also Extreme donated the proceeds of the days park registration fees to help us purchase the clothing.

The challenge is always raising the funds for this massive endeavor and each dollar raised goes directly to the clothing for the children the entire organization is run by volunteers.

For more information visit www. for your Christmas giving and bless someone else. – I’m sure there are some but I don’t really know any other organizations that have no fees taken off the top and 100% goes to the needs. ” Smith concluded.