FM 2100 chase ends with crash

Thursday morning on Clara off Miller-Wilson this HCSO patrol car ended up in the ditch.

CROSBY – A deputy was injured when he chased a speeding vehicle into a ditch on Thursday, Dec. 3, at about 1:00 a.m.

A witness saw a gray Toyota “went tearing” south on FM 2100 after Midnight “and his wheels was just smoking, nearly hit a pole” at Foley Rd., “passing anybody out there.”

“Directly, a Sheriff’s car was roaring right after whoever it was.” the witness relayed.

Law enforcement says the chase exceeded 90 miles per hour. These streaks began southbound on FM 2100 then went east on to Hare Rd. at the traffic lights. Then past the ball fields they turned north on Miller-Wilson. But the S-curve at Clara is not built for speed. The suspect’s vehicle flew over the ditch crashed though barbed wire into the pasture beyond, a few feet more east and the car would have hit a power line.

The pursuit lead the deputy to smashing his car into the ditch to avoid a similar situation.

The deputy, whose name the department did not release, went to the hospital in another patrol car, complaining of a sore back and knee. He had narrowly missed power lines, too.

The suspect was taken by Lifeflight helicopter to LBJ Hospital reporting pain in his neck and back. Harold Johnson was charged with evading arrest and driving while intoxicated.