Tour of new Crosby HS

Dr. Keith Moore reviews the entrance just after the Administrative Offices and security doors with coaches looking at a golden feature of the new school the two story library complex. The library is also visible for those coming from the bus entrance on the opposite side.

CROSBY – Plans are being made for a community wide open house for the area to see what the school bond bought including the new Crosby High School.

Dr. Keith Moore, Superintendent of Crosby ISD consented to take the Star-Courier on a tour of the state of the art in high schools late last month even as finishers and craftsmen settled the work on 9 acres under roof and two stories tall.

An orientation day is planned for those that are to use the school or have wards that will use the new facilities. Currently, the new school is ready to accommodate 1800 students. At capacity with some designated space already allotted, the school could be upgraded for 2400 students. After that new considerations would need be made.

Just as all roads lead to Rome the high school attendees will all come to a brilliantly lit library area. Those passing the security doors in the administration area see the spacious library rising before them in two stories to their right. Those entering from the overhead covered bus entrance also enter near the library off to their left.

“As big as this school is I think it is divided sensible because the west side is your academic side and the east side is the extracurricular side.” Dr. Moore starts out.

Farthermost West are the Agriculture Barn and Shop and all mostly academic areas like science labs and applied sciences including the Culinary Arts Center.

Most eastward are the athletic and practiced arts including gyms and a unique fine arts department. A theater that has features enviable by professional theaters, pulley systems, lighting rows and automated systems. A professional looking basket ball court with seating for 1,800 adjoins an auxiliary court. Both courts have all the most modern amenities and goals. The varsity court has fully collapsible bleacher seating.