Cody Memorial brings out northeast Harris County

Scott Stephens introduces a cardiologist and his son

CROSBY – The Cody Stephens Go Big Or Go Home Memorial Fundraiser last Saturday brought out some of the best in northeast Harris County in charitable people and concern for saving young lives.

Crosby Fair & Rodeo, Rotarians, Chamber of Commerce board and varied other groups had members in support of this effort to raise funds for adding an ECG with sports physicals in students across the State of Texas. In total 408 attended the event.

“Sudden cardiac arrest is the number 1 killer of our student athletes beyond accidents. Many can be found before they suffer and arrest by a simple ECG.” said Scott Stephens.

The Cody Stephens Go Big Or Go Home Memorial Fund paid to screen 8,000 students last school year and found 2% had an issue they needed to know about and 9 that were at high risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Nine young lives were found at risk that would not have been found by the question and listen method currently done by the U.I.L. mandate.

“With the money raised last Saturday the Memorial will be able to continue the expansion of this program across the State of Texas. We are still taking donations through the website and are a 501(c)3 organization.” continued Stephens.

The fundraiser got $71,000 in corporate sponsors, $65,000 from live auction featuring both Bill Busby and Ricky Loggins as auctioneers. The silent auction brought in $6,000. grossed about $150,000 and will net around $125,000.

“The goal is simple, ‘screen ‘em all.’” concluded Stephens.