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Posts published in May 2018

Memorial Day Services hosted

The Memorial Wreath Processional to be placed at the Wall of Honor.

HIGHLANDS – Sterling – White Funeral Home and Cemetery hosted the Annual Memorial Day Service on Memorial Day, a celebration of all things American and remembrance of those that served their country in the military.

Throughout the cemetery were flags as well as equipment from modern conflicts from the National United States Armed Forces Museum of Texas.

The event began with placing a Memorial Wreath at the cemetery’s Wall of Honor by the Crosby JROTC under the direction of Sgt. Tim Meadows.

A color guard of Boy Scout Troop #107 under the direction of Michael Dean raised “Old Glory.”

The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by school children from Highlands and Crosby.

Jeff Moore, Managing Partner of Sterling White Funeral Home and Cemetery directed ceremonies welcoming all attendees.

Pastor Jerry Hovator of The Little Country Church performed his 17th annual Opening Prayer. Later, he would deliver a message about those that served their country and the incredible impact on the well-being of the rest of the world. He also closed with prayer at the conclusion.

The new JROTC Senior Army Instructor at Crosby ISD, LTC Toimu Reeves U.S. Army, delivered an inspiring oration offering a litany of the greatness of America from an adoptive perspective. The Cypress resident called to mind the Medal of Honor awardee contribution of Crosby’s own David H. McNerney in his speech.

Lone finalist named for Crosby ISD Superintendent

Dr. Scott Davis, Lone Crosby ISD’s Superintendent finalist.

Dr. Scott Davis, superintendent in Rusk Independent School District in Rusk, Texas, has been named by the Board of Trustees as the Lone Finalist for Superintendent of the Crosby Independent School District. Davis will replace Dr. Keith Moore who resigned in January.

Under state law, Crosby ISD must wait 21 days before confirming him as the district’s next superintendent. Davis is expected to begin his contract in Crosby ISD on July 1.

“The superintendent’s job is very demanding. Over the next few years, it will become even more so with the continued focus on student achievement, student safety, new legislative demands and funding issues that need to be resolved,” said Carla Windfont, board president. “As a board, we were looking for someone who will become a part of this wonderful community and take this district and its students to the next level of achievement. We believe we found that person in Dr. Davis.”

Davis said, “I am excited to be a part of the Crosby ISD family. Kids are an amazing gift and, as their shepherd, their protection remains a priority. Teachers are quite simply the greatest group of miracle workers I’ve ever known. We will love, protect and guide our children to be the best versions they can realize in 18 years. Everything else and everyone else in Crosby ISD joins forces to serve our children and teachers. That’s where the magic happens every day. The classrooms are sacred spaces where we will honor the teachers’ craft and expect kids to work as agents of their own learning. “

First Responders saluted at event

Paul Kessler tries out Precinct 3’s race car, which is dedicated to those that gave their last full measure to protect and defend.

CROSBY – Turner Chevrolet hosted Precinct 3 Constable Deputies, Harris County Emergency Service District #5 (the ambulance service for Crosby) and Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept., along with free food, and Zac Brown provided live music, in a special salute to First Responders last Saturday.

Precinct 3 brought in Deputy Mike Parson to chat with the kids and tell adults all they need to know about keeping up with kids and the elderly programs they offer.

Hernando Andrada, Teresa Aldi and other ambulance crews were on hand to demonstrate life saving equipment that was used at the dealership when the Parts Manager had an incident at the store earlier this month. That incident brought to mind the relatively uncelebrated groups of professionals that keep our society safer and more carefree in our daily existence.

Crosby Volunteer Fire Department turned out in force and demonstrated the jaws of life by cutting open a car in front of the service department.

It was an entertaining and educational party for all that attended.


Precinct 3 Deputies turn out in force at Crosby High School after a threat was made on a bathroom wall. The threat is being thoroughly investigated and locals fed the offices special lunches as thanks.

Police investigate at Huffman, Crosby

CROSBY – In the wake of the shooting at Santa Fe High School, an incident in which a student brought a pistol to Hargrave High School in Huffman – Crosby was taking nothing for granted when a threat was found to be written on a bathroom wall indicating there would be a shooting at Crosby High School on May 30. Later that threat would allegedly be moved up to May 22.

The Superintendent’s Office issued the following statement at 11:55 a.m. on May 21:

“We have received a report this morning that a threat was written on a bathroom wall at Crosby High School. The threat alleges a shooting that would take place on May 30th. At this time, administrators and our school resource officers are investigating the threat to determine its source. We are asking that our staff, parents, and students be especially vigilant in the coming days. In the aftermath of any school shooting, hoax threats are often made. However, we are not taking lightly any threat made against student safety. The threat did not name a specific student or group of students. A thorough investigation is in progress and appropriate consequences will be taken once we have more information. We strongly encourage you to directly report any information you have regarding this or other safety threats directly to the school district or you can use the Crosby ISD app, which has an anonymous tip line for the reporting of information related to any type of threat. We will keep you updated on the situation.”

Later on June 21 at about 4:07 p.m.:

“The threat that was discovered in a boy’s bathroom this morning at Crosby High School is still being investigated. Because so many students had already accessed that bathroom before the threat had been reported, it has proven difficult to narrow down the person who might have originally posted the threat. Regardless, administrators and our school resource officers are exhausting all avenues to determine the source of the threat. We will update if there is new information.”

Crosby mourns Santa Fe shooting, local lad

Keenan Smith eulogizes Christian Garcia at a special memorial inside Crosby Church. Pastor Smith had ministered to the lad’s spiritual development. Smith talked of Garcia’s dedication to serve his country and his God in life. He was murdered in the Santa Fe shootings on May 18.

CROSBY – Secondary education is supposed to be about building a future not about eliminating the hope of the future yet in incident after incident the school shootings continue.

This time Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, walked up to the art class of Santa Fe High School on May 18 at about 7:40 a.m. and opened fire with a shotgun. He then entered the building and threw explosives about the area. He killed ten and thirteen were otherwise wounded including a Santa Fe Police Officer in critical condition. That officer and a Texas State Trooper had engaged him and Paguortzis surrendered after being injured in the shooting. He is now charged with capital murder.

As the data about munitions piles up, as the information about benefits and dangers of metal detectors become clear and all the piles of rhetoric mount, it becomes clear that officials don’t know what to do.

The youngest student to die was Christian Riley Garcia, a new freshman at Santa Fe High School. Witnesses indicate Pagourtzis jumped up on the new guy, yelled “surprise,” and shot him in the chest.

The Garcias had lived in Crosby. They got three acres from a relative and decided to make Santa Fe home. A new and beautiful beginning for a faith based family. Pastor Keenan Smith had baptized Ryland and knows their story well.

“This is the worst thing that can happen to a parent that loves their children. The only comfort there can be in a time like this is in knowing they had dedicated their life to Christ,” declared Smith to reporters after a brief memorial. “I don’t know what comfort there can be for others.”

Morman reviews progress in Pct. 2

Pct. 2 Commissioner Jack Morman at the Crosby/Huffman luncheon.

Mobility and Flooding are the major issues

CROSBY – Pct. 2 County Commissioner Jack Morman spoke to the Crosby/Huffman Chamber at their monthly meeting, last Thursday, May 17th at the Stonebridge County Club. Morman reviewed all the achievements and plans for his precinct, including roads, bridges, and flooding. But he emphasized, “My top priority is flood control, flood prevention and flood protection.”

He noted that the unprecedented and historic storm dropped 50” of rain in 4 days, leading to the countywide flooding. He said that 800 or more homes were affected in the Crosby and Huffman areas.

Harris County is at work to alleviate future flooding and property damage, he said. The county is changing and updating Flood Plain regulations, with new rules about the height of buildings above the 500 year flood levels, and more accurate flood plain maps. Unfortunately he said that inside Harris County are 15 municipalities that set there own rules, and don’t have to follow the county regulations.

However, to deal correctly with the flood problem, the county is now engaged in a buy-out program. They have set the budget for this at $40 million, but the first phase has released $20 million. Many of the homes are in the lower San Jacinto River and Highlands areas, he said. Harris County Flood Control has also asked the state for an addition $240 million to accelerate the home buyout program.

The major effort to deal with flooding would come after the approval of a $2.5 billion bond issue, which the county will put up for vote on August 25th. Actually, Morman said the amount is being calculated now, and may be more or less that that figure, depending upon what is in the “package.” The county would use the money for channel widening, de-siltation projects, and construction of more detention basins. The date of the bond election, August 25, is symbolic because that is the one-year anniversary of when Hurricane Harvey stuck the area.

Sheriff’s Safety Forums set for locals

Deputy “G2” Allen discusses formation and operation of citizens patrol with Highlands group last Thursday at the Highlands Storefront. Information packages, a business security survey and some of the facts learned during decades of law enforcement were shared with attendees.

CROSBY – Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s Patrol Deputies of northeast Harris County will meet to address community concerns at the Crosby Community Center May 17 at 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

The Community Center is located at 409 Hare Road. The meeting is formatted to last just one hour to fit in the many community members that are active in varied concerns.

Sheriff Ed Gonzales during the election demonstrated a profound knowledge of the principles of Community Policing. His office established these community meetings to share information and gain ideas beneficial to the community.

“We want these to be productive community meetings with positive results. This is a prime opportunity for the community to ask questions of District III of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.”

Last week in Highlands, during their Safety Forum discussion ranged from solving issues that have come up with citizen’s patrols to identifying potentially troubled area and best approaches to getting in contact with the local deputies in other than emergency situations.

Information brochures concerning Business security, preventing scams, shredding events, anti-burglary tactics, avoiding robbery and many other topics were made available.

Many deputies currently patrolling Crosby may be new to most of the community so it may be a chance to meet your patrol deputy for the first time and the new Captain.

Kids show talent in Crosby Rodeo Pageant

Age 0-2 Rodeo Clowns had fine contestants ready to fight the bulls or whatever came from the chute.

CROSBY – Each year the Crosby Rodeo Pageant reminds us that it is time for the end of the school year and the beginning of the Crosby Fair & Rodeo, this year the first day of the Rodeo Cook-Off is Graduation Day.

The pageant this year was last Saturday and many were attracted to the festivities.

This year the rodeo starts on June 1 with the Cook-Off Party with a concert by Bag of Donuts. June 2 is Cookoff Wrap Party with a parade at 10:00 that morning and a concert that night by Jason Cassidy the Zane Williams.

Wednesday, June 14, is the Livestock Auction.

TxDOT reveals FM2100 agenda

CROSBY – The multitude of questions about what may have effected the progress of the widening of FM 2100 seem answered in that little of what the State indicated at public meetings has been affected.

As soon as January of next year the contract on construction of a 4-lane divided highway from .23 miles South of Antelope Drive to South Diamondhead Boulevard is to be let in two phases for an estimated $19,500,000 for each phase.

About 1/2 of the PSE has been completed for those jobs to begin.

Frequent worries and rumors that the plans had to be changed since the public hearings then are not substantiated.

During those hearings, the majority of the public that spoke did not want the highways to be divided highways, rather to make four lanes with a access median running the entire length. This was to enhance access to local property. However, TxDOT engineers insisted for safety reasons that the needed to be divided and have sidewalks.

Crosby Rodeo features most top name concerts

Among the performers, Adam Hood, Parker McCollum, Shane Smith & the Saints, William Clark Green, Jack Ingram, Bruce Robinson, and Charlie Robinson. And more.

CROSBY – YEE–HAW, Let’s Rodeo!

Crosby begins its annual salute to cowboy sports and County & Western Music on June 1 — Graduation Day for Crosby High School. Friday will welcome last year’s surprise success Bag Of Donuts from New Orleans for the first day of Northeast Harris County’s Biggest Party. Bag Of Donuts is going to play something everybody likes and is going to get the crowd into the performance.

The next morning, the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Parade will take over Main Street at 10:00 a.m. All the while, some of the greatest cookers in the Southwest will vie for recognition, trophies and prizes in the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Cook-Off. That night another concert venue will feature Jason Cassidy and Zane Williams.

Zane Williams of Abilene is a proudly authentic, down-home, good ole’ country music from the backroads to the Opry Stage. He enjoys his performance and is equal parts bar room entertainer and introspective poet. Some would call that a “throwback” to the days when a performer had to do more than just sing; many call that multi-talented.

Wednesday of that following week is the Livestock Auction, where Crosby Fair & Rodeo really does its best to get the most to pay for kids to go to college.