Sharing Christmas at B.P. Hopper

Once again, the community of Highlands provided new clothing through the Share Your Christmas project for school children in the Highlands area.

Partners in this project pictured are: B.P. Hopper counselor, Nieketta Bapiste, Nadine Goodney and Theresa Cashion Catholic Daughters of the America’s, Jim Strouhal Knights of a Columbus, Andy Scott and Denise Smith Rotary Club, Greg Evans Knights of Columbus, Teresa Verret ZXP, Chrissa Teel, Tri-County Construction and Horizons, Delene Cotten Horizons and, last but by no means least, Claudia Birdsong First Baptist Church.

The school counselors work very hard for this to be a success. The elementary school counselor, Michelle Stripling and the Jr School counselor, Mary King were unable to be with us for the picture. Sponsors not available for the picture are Gail Clanton 2nd Baptist Church, L J Engineering, Woodforest Bank and Brett Marshall.

Theresa Cashion is chairman of this project.