TxDOT sets Main Street to be divided

CROSBY – As TxDOT prepares for the reconstruction and widening of FM 2100 from South Diamondhead Blvd. to Antelope Dr. to be bid for construction in March, changes are coming for local businesses and the community.

The entire length of the project is subject to temporary road closures to allow construction and maintain safety of the traveling public. Notification of closures and a detour route is to be provided for use while closed. When construction begins TxDOT and the contractors are to coordinate with the County and local agencies on specific dates of each closure.

TxDOT does not know at this time when or where contractors will elect to begin construction.

A detour layout and title sheet has been provided by TxDOT to officials for questions. When construction starts, the TxDOT Area office and the Public Information Office will coordinate to provide advance notice of closures at intersection with side streets. All project related closures will be posted on the Houston Transtar website.

The left turn bays will be at 24 locations throughout the project length including at the intersection with side streets – Hare RD, N. Diamondhead Blvd., Hare Cook, Pine Forest, Foley Rd, Sundown Meadows (Regain), Tall Cedars, Reidland, Gum Gully Rd, Stroker Rd, Indian Shores, and Heathergate Lane.

For example, the segment from S. Diamondhead to Newport Blvd. will have flash median but almost all other medians will be raised dividers. A driver has to go past and turn around to come back if there is no turn bay at the destination location. At some time, Hare Road will become a construction area with the road closed and traffic from the north will be detoured from Hare Cook Rd. east to south on Miller-Wilson and then back west on Hare Road.

Most construction of new roadway will be on the east side of the existing roadway however it seems that the some right of way changes are to be on the west side in the segment just north of North Diamondhead straightening that curve.

South Diamondhead Blvd. is to become a construction area a series of detors including Live Oak, Newport Blvd. and Port O Ca’ll will be used as detours.

Hare Cook will also eventually become a construction area using Sundown Meadows as detour. Gum Gully Road for some time will become a construction road detours involving W. Stroker Rd. Heathergate Lane will become a construction area using Indian Shores and Honey Dale as detour. Indian Shores Rd. will become a construction area using Honey Dale and Heatherate Lane as detour. Each of these detours will be foremarked by portable message signs at least seven days prior to closure.

The last Crosby Project financed by the Texas Legislature was the project to widen FM 2100 from Antelope to FM 1960; however, that project will now bid construction in July 2019. More details are to follow concerning this project when available.

One attorney had advised a client to ask the state to simply give him in exchange a business front on FM 2100 as he has before construction including building afterwards and he would ask no monetary renumeration. Seems reasonable.

Changes are coming for Main St. in Crosby and for the residents that must drive these roads.