Highlands pet dog savagely killed

HIGHLANDS – Family and friends are mourning an incident of extreme animal cruelty. Peanut, an 18-month-old teacup Chihuahua, was found dead by her owners Saturday. The small dog appears to have been tortured, shot and mutilated over the weekend.

“His head was crushed and his eye was popping out, and his jaw was just broken. On his paws there were lacerations. They tried to skin him and then they just left him there,” Dominique Cabrera said tearfully, Monday.

The person or people who committed the crime are unknown. Dominique Cabrera, owner of the animal called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office who took a report. Cabrera said that it took six hours for a deputy to show up, and it is unclear if deputies are actively pursuing the case.

Cabrera said the deputy who took the report, indicated that in an adjacent neighborhood, there were reports of kids with BB guns, shooting at various objects, but nobody has been apprehended.

Cabrera said there is a small memorial in the field near Prince’s Roller Rink, and she started a Facebook page to generate tips and honor Peanut. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Crimestoppers of Houston at 713- 222-TIPS.