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Outing turns deadly in Huffman

Investigators collect evidence until late in the evening on an apparent murder-suicide.

HUFFMAN – From wheeling about the San Jacinto River to an apparent murder-suicide is a tragic turn for two neighbors and friends here June 30.

Two men were dead after an argument around 3:00 a.m. according to deputies called to Ideloch Subdivision concerning a shooting in progress.

When deputies arrived they found Austin Smith, 27, lying in his driveway, dead of an apparent gunshot wound. His pickup and an ATV were parked at the end of his driveway. Witness testimony indicated that Smith and his girlfriend had gone with neighbor, Coby Rigsby, 32, and his girlfriend “Mudding” in their trucks and off-road vehicles.

Statements indicate an argument between Rigsby and his girlfriend became heated and was interrupted by Smith but that Rigsby took offense at Smith’s interdiction and a fight began between the two men in Rigsby’s lawn.

According to statements, Rigsby produced a pistol and all three of the others, both girlfriends and Smith left the scene.

Later, Smith came back to get his ATV and was loading it onto his vehicle a short distance from Rigsby’s house, when Rigsby shot and killed him, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office will allege.

The local off-road community was shocked at these results.