Eagleton campaign starts strong

Greeting from a 1/4 room away. Eagleton smiles a welcome.
Greeting from a 1/4 room away. Eagleton smiles a welcome.

BAYTOWN – The local fairgrounds jammed with trucks and a few tailgate trailers as Sherman Eagleton hosted the first of his campaign’s fundraisers last Thursday.

There were folks of all walks of life with one thing in common: they support the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable for another term. Precinct 3 has a history of being contested going back for decades. And Eagleton, it seemed spoke with everyone attending. It looks as if Eagleton faces several opponents in the March 2020 Democratic Primary.

Within the Baytown Youth Fair & Rodeo Pavilion a teaming crowd ate, drank and listened to Highlands’ wide ranging variety band, “Hill Country Jane.” “Hill County Jane” played late Top 40, vintage country, blues and classic rock with unique style. Until it was time for the live Auction and then “Tricky” Ricky Loggins took over calling for bids.

Eagleton interacted with this reporter several times and toward the end said, “I would like to thank everyone in the community for their overwhelming support. With over 1800 pork chop tickets sold, this was definitely one for the record books. None of this would have ever been possible without the hard work and dedication of the deputies, clerks, dispatchers and community volunteers. We are truly blessed to serve this Precinct!”

In fact he called his staff and officers up to the front before the live auction, in thanks for their contribution.

The silent auction held some unique items all bid way over the range of a scribe.

The basis for much of the support includes Eagleton getting $3.5 M. in new equipment for the Precinct 3 Emergency Response Team from grants, getting his agency recognized by the Texas Police Chiefs Association, initiating the RUOK senior checking program, the report a crime program, initiating the Environmental Enforcement division, and mostly that the crime rate has decreased in the areas since he took office.

Among things learned at the Pork Chop Cook-Off was that C.O.P.S. of Houston has endorsed Eagleton and so has the Fraternal Order of the Eagle.