Crosby woman tried for murder of daughter

Kelly Renee Turner a.k.a. Kelly Grant
Kelly Renee Turner, a.k.a. Kelly Grant

CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO – A woman that had lived and gone to church in Crosby is now on trial for the unthinkable murder of her own 7 year old daughter.

Kelly Turner 41, a.k.a Kelly Grant has been charged with the 2017 murder of Olivia Grant, her daughter. Allegedly she faces 2 charges of murder in the first degree for the same death under Colorado law that makes special provisions for those entrusted with children under 12 years of age. She is charged with child abuse and ten associated counts.

Olivia Grant was seen as a terminally ill seven year old who was a favorite of firefighters and police and pretend opponent of convicted criminals in local events. She had been dubbed the “Bat Princess.” But authorities allege it was a concocted story put together by her mother to bilk the community of money and use the girl’s death as cover.

The grand jury found that Kelly has taken over half a million dollars from Make A Wish Foundation, Medicaid, local hospitals and a half dozen local charities under false pretenses.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office conducted a year long investigation based on questions that had come to light in the case including why would a mother take a daughter out of the vicinity of a world recognized children’s hospital. Allegedly, Kelly would tell doctors her daughter was sick with a variety of life threatening illnesses like a build-up of fluid on the brain, a tumor, she was given surgeries and seizure medications with serious side effects after doctors determined she had no seizure conditions. Doctors discovered she was getting only about 30% of the food she needed.

Finally, the wide birth of illnesses Kelly had attributed to Olivia raised enough suspicion that her body was exhumed and found not to have the conditions.