Barrett Station: Violence ends in brain death

BARRETT STATION – The rainy night of January 23 at about Midnight at the ambulance station here, a man that had been shot pulled his car up to the gate, vaulted the fence and frantically begged for entrance to save his friend that unfortunately was in critical condition.

Emergency crews proved in this case to be certainly some of the bravest folks on the planet as that Thursday morning they were roused by noise without the normal summons to a face in their door window inside a locked fence. They opened the door and went out to attend the injured man left behind in the car.

Michael Earnest, 31, was found inside his friend’s car, he had been shot in the back of his head. He was unresponsive but alive. His fence vaulting friend had been shot too, once in the shoulder and once also in his head.

The ambulance crews loaded Earnest and his friend inside an ambulance and took off for Ben Taub, where he was pronounced brain dead. Life Flight was out of commission due to the massive rainfall.

When deputies arrived, at the scene on FM 1942 they encountered witnesses that indicated there had been a verbal altercation that escalated to a fight. At this point according to witnesses, Adam Barak, 35, joined in and shot Michael Earnest, then he shot his friend.

Harris County Violent Crimes Unit responded to the scene. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit conducted the follow up.

Barak went to the ambulance station to have more words with the two victims but left before the ambulance crews were alerted.

Investigators identified and charged Adam Barak with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the shooting of the victim and a second male. Barak is currently booked into the Harris County Jail.