Bizarre murder on New Year’s

BARRETT STATION – A teenager has been charged in a stabbing murder of a teenager that was lured to his death by the suspect’s girlfriend’s text.

Christopher Coronado, 17, is charged with capital murder in the death of Eduardo Fernando Castro, 18. Castro, a C.E. King High School student, was found dead early New Year’s Eve in the 12200 block of Saint Francis.

Coronado was arrested without incident Sunday at his home around 1:15 a.m. Sunday evening, Coronado stood before a judge to hear the charges brought against him. Prosecutors read many witness statements detailing the gory incidents of the slaying. Witnesses described Coronado’s behavior shortly after the murder as “skipping in the street and laughing.” Coronado was been booked into Harris County Jail in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

Following a bloody trail from Castro’s body to a nearby trailer home, with blood stained walls in a bedroom, kitchen and living room, detectives saw a bizarre murder had been committed and described as conceived and executed with the help of Coronado’s girlfriend. She has not been named and as yet has not been charged.

She described barely knowing Castro, having casually met him about one year ago. She relayed that he had texted her about a meeting of the two of them. Coronado’s girlfriend showed Castro’s text to Coronado. Coronado decided to lure the victim to the trailer in which the couple were staying.

The girlfriend was with Castro in the trailer when Coronado burst in with a knife. A fight resulted that went into the street. Castro collapsed in the street, shirtless, in a pool of blood.

That was too much for our femme fatal; she fled the scene to a nearby home. She told the resident, an associate of Coronado, that he had just killed someone. The resident then accompanied the girlfriend to meet Coronado at a bridge in the neighborhood, according to prosecutors. They found Coronado, his face smeared with blood, holding an orange handled, blood stained knife with three cell phones.