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Turner dealership wins major award in Vegas

Carlos Latour Representative for Chevrolet at left presenting the General Motors Premier Elite award to Daylyn Turner, David Mendez, Jamie Kendrick and Robbie Turner all of dealerships owned by Robert Turner of Turner Chevrolet. This is the 17th and the 18th time a dealership owned by Robert Turner has been awarded this Ring Update.

Several representatives of Robert Turner, owner of Turner Chevrolet and JK Chevrolet and other dealerships in Texas went to Las Vegas, Nevada last week and enjoyed the recognition of Chevrolet by being awarded the General Motors Premier Elite award.

According to Robbie Turner, son of Robert Turner, “It is awarded to dealerships that take pride in doing what they are supposed to do productively to take care of their community via service and sales. This will be the seventeenth and eighteen time my father has received this award [both for Turner Chevrolet and JK Chevrolet currently] five times here, since we have been here five years. Prior to that there were twelve other times at different locations.”

“This really is a team award that recognizes how well a dealership does in sales, service and aspects of operations. We are privileged to have earned it at this location for all five years. Really it requires the entire team to earn it,” said Sales Manager David Mendez.

Robbie modified, “You are looking at dealerships that do well in sales and service and a certain amount of profitability.”

“Another aspect is community involvement. As you know, we support Clothe-A-Child, sponsor community projects and groups like the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Turner also serves on the local School District advisory boards, providing counsel for their shop/technical vocational programs and identifying young people interested in becoming technicians,” David Mendez explained.