Chambers County FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Stay Safe Order

Can I go to work? Yes, but only if you are deemed an employee of an Essential Business, such as grocery store employees, healthcare providers, construction, industry and more. Those whose jobs are deemed essential are expected to maintain social distancing standards in the workplace.

Employers are encouraged to remember that congregations of people on any premises – either public or private – are prohibited.

According to the federal government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency guidelines, there are 16 sectors considered essential:

• Communications
• Chemical
• Critical Manufacturing
• Commercial Facilities
• Dams
• Defense Industrial Base
• Emergency Services
• Energy
• Financial
• Food & Agriculture
• Government Facilities
• Healthcare & Public Health
• Information Technology
• Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Waste
• Transportation Systems
• Water/Wastewater Systems

Can I still go to the store to buy groceries? Yes, grocery stores will remain open during the order. However, all grocers will be required to keep customers at least six feet apart to meet social distancing standards. Health officials do not recommend leaving the house unless it is an absolute necessity. ONLY ONE HOUSEHOLD MEMBER should visit the grocery store at a time.

Can I go to church? No, all Chambers County churches will be required to host religious services online only. There can be exceptions made for one-on-one meetings for spiritual and mental health, but individuals involved must maintain social distancing requirements.

Can I still visit public parks? Yes, all public parks will remain open. However, visitors must stay six feet apart from one another. All public benches, exercise equipment, playgrounds and basketball courts will be closed to eliminate contact.

Is fishing permitted? Fishing is permitted. Boat ramps are open for public use.

Can I camp (either in a camper, RV or tent) at Chambers County parks? No, camping his prohibited at this time.

What if I need to leave my house to care for someone else, such as an elderly relative? You are allowed to leave your home for emergency/essential care of family members, pets, and other loved ones.

Are restaurants closing? No, Chambers County restaurants are still allowed to serve to-go and drive-thru orders, but customers picking up food will be required to stay six feet apart.

Are pet supply and/or care facilities permitted to stay open? Yes, pet supply, pet care and pet grooming facilities are permitted to stay open.

Are childcare providers allowed to provide services to all citizens or only to those with jobs that are deemed essential? Childcare providers are allowed to provide services to all citizens.

Is travel restricted in Chambers County? The Stay Safe Order does not restrict travel or movement in Chambers County.

Can COVID- 19 be transmitted through mosquitos or ticks? No, mosquitos and ticks are not carriers for COVID-1 9.

Are homebuilders considered essential industry? Yes, homebuilders are considered essential and may continue with construction activities.

Can I still go to convenience stores? Yes, however no food service establishment, convenience store or other retail establishment is permitted to allow customers to self-serve ready to eat food or drinks. This includes buffets, beverage dispensers and customer self-service stations. I operate or manage an Essential Business.

Should I be screening my employees before they enter the premises? Yes, the CDC recommends that businesses screen employees before allowing them to enter the premises.

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Individuals who violate these restrictions could face a fine of $1,000 or up to 180 days in jail.