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Rotary raffle nets Adams a new truck

Lowell Everitt hands the keys to a New Chevrolet Colorado to Alice Adams, as the Rotarian who sold her the ticket, Wayne Oquin stands nearby at Crosby’s Turner Chevrolet dealership.

CROSBY – On May 26 at about 11:30 a.m. Alice Adams came to Turner Chevrolet to claim her brand new Chevrolet Colorado that she had won with a raffle ticket from North Shore Rotary club, sold to her by Rotarian Wayne Oquin. It wasn’t the only reason to be there that day, her son had ordered a new Chevy Tahoe. Ms. Adams says she had purchased four tickets to the good cause in total, two from Mr. Oquin and two from a lady at San Jacinto College.

According to Lowell Everitt, “It was a surprise how successful this raffle was after COVID-19 brought us from hosting a gala dining and auction affair as we always have, to a 20 prize give away raffle.

“We worked with every body so that a lot of the companies that purchased multiple meals could convert to raffle tickets. Some companies, just to support the Rotary, buy 50 to 60 meal tickets to give to customers and employees. In total we raised over $147,500 in a twenty prize raffle.

“I had figured we could subsist if we could make $125,000. Before COVID-19 we would have about $115,000 in corporate sponsors. The great thing is we are going to have a Rotary Budget of about $250,000 so we can keep doing the things we need to do for this community including scholarships, bike give-away at Christmas and our various senior assistance programs.”