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Pct 1 renames Robert E. Lee Street as “Unison” Street

Pct. 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis helps change the Street Sign in East Harris County, from Robert E. Lee Street to Unison Street.

Harris County Completes the Final Step in Renaming Street that had a Confederate Name

EAST HARRIS COUNTY – Commissioner Rodney Ellis, and Community Leaders witnessed the re-naming of Road from “Robert E. Lee” to “Unison.”

Pct. 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis had the following remarks:

“If our county is going to address systemic racism in our past and present, we cannot let symbols of racism and hatred continue to fill our public spaces. That is why on Wednesday, August 5, Harris County Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis and community leaders observed workers as they installed Unison street signs on a road formerly named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

“Precinct One requested Harris County Engineering Department change the name because who and what we choose to honor publicly should reflect our shared values. Symbols of the Confederacy and its goal of maintaining the institution of slavery have no place on Harris County roads.”

Last month, Commissioners Court renamed the road to Unison following Precinct One’s community outreach and a public hearing.

Precinct One workers installing street signs at five intersections on Unison Road between John Ralston and Van Hut.