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Crosby Fire Dept receives grant for more Rescue tools

Crosby Volunteer Fire Department Members, Jason Banks, Warren Thompson, Sam Parker and Chris Martinez with one of the new Jaws of Life tools.

CROSBY, Texas – Crosby Volunteer Fire Department received an $18,500 cost share grant through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program administered by Texas A&M Forest Service. The grant helped to purchase two new Jaws-of-Life.

“Our department is pleased to have received an HB2604 grant to help purchase two battery powered cutters that are not only portable but also capable of operating underwater,” said Crosby Fire Chief Alan Kulak. “We have flooding in our area and having the ability to quickly free a victim entrapped after a vehicle accident is very important, especially if in the water.”

The portability of the cutters is critical.

“Having a set of Jaws with less setup time is important to the speed at which we can start the extrication process,” said Kulak. “Plus, not being connected to a hydraulic hose will allow us to reach a victim pinned in a vehicle, even if it is some distance off road.”

Fire Chief Kulak appreciates the local Emergency Service District #80 (ESD #80) for not only approving the acceptance of the grant, but also for purchasing the tools to receive grant reimbursement. He has volunteered with the department for almost 40 years and recognizes the value of the grant programs through Texas A&M Forest Service.

“This type of innovative equipment is essential for volunteers to be able to rescue and save lives safely and quickly,” said Kulak. “It is important for volunteer fire departments to have the option of applying for the various grants administered by Texas A&M Forest Service, whether it is for a truck, training or equipment the grants help to improve fire and rescue service throughout Texas.”

Crosby VFD has open enrollment for volunteers looking to serve their community in a rewarding way. To apply please visit

Texas A&M Forest Service is committed to protecting lives and property through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program, a cost share program funded by Texas State Legislature and administered by Texas A&M Forest Service. This program provides funding to rural Volunteer Fire Departments for the acquisition of firefighting vehicles, fire and rescue equipment, protective clothing, dry-hydrants, computer systems and firefighter training.

For more information on programs offered by Texas A&M Forest Service, please visit