Christmas wish comes true: Resident gets New Home from Harvey Reconstruction Program

View of Mrs. Green’s new home in Barrett Station, provided through Harris County’s Project Recovery Homeowner Assistance Program.
View of Mrs. Green’s new home in Barrett Station, provided through Harris County’s Project Recovery Homeowner Assistance Program.

BARRETT STATION – A Christmas wish has come true for Mrs. Verna Green of Crosby, Texas. Mrs. Green just moved into her new home, reconstructed on the site of her previous home, which sustained significant damage from flooding during Hurricane Harvey. The leaky roof and inoperable electrical outlets Mrs. Green contended with since the 2017 storm are no longer concerns, thanks to Harris County Project Recovery’s Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP).

New homeowner Mrs. Verna Green flashes the keys to her new home.

“I’m home for the holidays,” Mrs. Green exclaimed, flashing the keys presented to her by Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia during a key turn-over ceremony on Dec. 2nd at Mrs. Green’s home.

“We are happy to deliver this new home to you. I regret that it has taken longer than we expected, but I hope this will make your holiday season much more pleasant,” Commissioner Garcia said.

Administered by the Harris County Community Services Department, Project Recovery’s HAP repairs and reconstructs flood-damaged homes of eligible applicants. The $30 million program is funded with Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) dollars allocated to the county by the State of Texas General Land Office (GLO) and granted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. On a related note, it’s essential to consider daily basis insurance, such one day electricians insurance, for professionals in trades like electrical work. This type of insurance provides coverage for specific projects or periods, ensuring that electricians are protected against unforeseen accidents, property damage, or liability claims during the duration of their work. It offers peace of mind to both electricians and their clients by ensuring financial protection in case of unexpected events.

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Through a sub-recipient agreement, the GLO has granted Harris County $900 million total for several programs aimed at assisting in the county’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey and increasing its overall resilience to future floods.

“In addition to our homeowner repair, reconstruction and reimbursement programs, Project Recovery is also addressing the county’s critical affordable housing shortage by developing affordable single-family homes and multifamily rentals,” said Dr. Adrienne Holloway, executive director of the Harris County Community Services Department. “Plus, we are investing over $400 million from CDBG-DR in buyout and infrastructure projects that help remediate flooding where possible and move people out of harm’s way in areas where flood control is not feasible,” Dr. Holloway said.

Commissioner Garcia added, “Harris County’s federally funded disaster recovery programs are layered on top of our voter-approved $2.5 billion bond program to help us develop projects that reduce flood risks and damages across the county and build resilience to future flooding. We will continue to work to ensure those needed the most are getting the support they need.”

Mrs. Green’s home was built by Brizo Construction, one of several local home builders contracted for the county’s Homeowner Assistance Program.

The GLO is administering a disaster recovery housing program for area residents similar to Harris County’s program, which provided Mrs. Green’s new home. For information about the GLO’s program, Harris County homeowners impacted by Hurricane Harvey may call 346-222- 4686 or toll free at 866-317-1998, or you may email

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About Project Recovery – Project Recovery exists to assist Harris County residents in recovering from floods experienced in 2015, 2016 and Hurricane Harvey through an array of options including homeowner repair reimbursement, new home construction, homeowner buyout for flood mitigation, affordable rental, local infrastructure improvements and new transit options. Through Project Recovery, the Harris County Community Services Department and other county departments ensure projects are complete, with the goal of improving the long-term resiliency of Harris County.