San Jacinto Battle reenacted

ANAHUAC – Re-enactors here played the scenes from the 1836 Texas Revolution last weekend after relations with the Texas Historical Commission frayed at the San Jacinto Memorial Battlegrounds. The reenacting begins from above the disastrous retreat following the fall of the Alamo and Goliad known as the Runaway Scrape. Terror and panic as families tried to stay ahead of Santa Anna’s troops swept eastward virtually unopposed. At right General Sam Houston lead his ragtag army eastward awaiting the “Napoleon of the West” to make a mistake.

From fretful retreat to galloping charge, the remembrance of the sacrifice and bravery of early Texians was remembered step by step augmented with displays and interaction with the actors playing historical roles. Below, Sam Houston lead a disgruntled army across from Washington on the Brazos to trap Santa Anna by securing Mr Lynch’s Ferry and having Def Smith burn the bridge to Pasadena cutting Santa Anna off from some 5,000 troops that were attempting to catch the Texian government before they could escape to Galveston by ship. It was a desperate plan that was made more desperate when 400 Mexican militia arrived to support Santa Anna on the day of battle April 21, 1836.

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