State Representative Dan Huberty arrested for DUI after accident


PORTER – State Rep. Dan Huberty, R-127, was arrested in Montgomery County after crashing his Corvette into a SUV occupied by three people about 9:00 p.m. and failing a field walking sobriety test April 23, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, that posted the video of the arrest to YouTube. He had refused a chemical test.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Deputies were dispatched to an accident on FM 1314 at Valley Ranch Parkway and arrived to find a Corvette “parked under an SUV” according to one deputy.

The three people in the SUV suffered minor injuries, according to the report, and the driver of the Corvette, identified as Huberty, was unharmed. The three in the S.U.V. refused to be taken to the hospital. The Corvette was impounded.

Porter, where the crash occurred, is about a three-hour drive away from Austin. According to the report, Huberty told officers he was driving back from the legislative session in Austin.

A Texas law seems to protect legislators and senators from arrest while in transit to and from legislative sessions, a privilege from arrest during session in travel but Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon told the Constable’s Deputies to proceed with the arrest.

Huberty later admitted driving under the influence of alcohol. He is accused of failing to stop for a red light before crashing into the SUV. He bonded out of jail early Saturday morning.

“Last night I was driving under the influence of alcohol and involved in a minor automobile accident in Montgomery County,” Huberty, who has been a member of the Texas House since 2011, posted Saturday on Facebook. “Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. I regret my actions and apologize to my constituents and my family. I am seeking treatment options to begin today.”

Huberty has authored no less than 13 House bills related to improving education this session, he is the former chairman of the House Committee on Public Education and the Texas Commission on Public School Finance for the 2019 session.

Huberty has served District 127 since 2011. Last election he routed challenger Ryan Woods 44,550 to 10,964. Huberty won a seat to Humble ISD, became board president in 2009. Huberty won a three way race to replace Joe Crabbe. House Bill 3, authored by Huberty, stands as the only comprehensive school reform bill ever passed by the Texas Legislature.