Mont Belvieu Cuts Ribbon on Langston Blvd. Extension and Starts Hackberry Park

MONT BELVIEU (April 22, 2022-The City of Mont Belvieu took yet another step in the city’s continued growth with a double-shot event on Thursday afternoon; officials cut the ribbon marking the end of construction on the extension of Langston Boulevard while also conducting a groundbreaking to open construction on Phase 1 of Hackberry Park. While the projects are separate, they are physically connected with Langston Blvd. running through the expansive Hackberry Park. This provided the perfect opportunity for a unique combination event.

Mont Belvieu Mayor Nick Dixon stated, “Things never seem to slow down here in Mont Belvieu and today is a perfect example. We’re breaking ground to start one project while we are cutting the ribbon to wrap up another. I’m excited about the access this extension of Langston Boulevard will give to our residents and visitors. And, it’s amazing to think about all of the fun that will be had here in Hackberry Park.”

Mayor Dixon also had the unique distinction of pulling the lever for a ceremonial fish dump into the park’s vast pond system. 2000 bluegill and 400 catfish were introduced into the ponds to start growing the ecosystem and allow the fish to thrive before Phase 1 of Hackberry Park opens to the public in late 2022.

Officials conducting a groundbreaking to open construction on Phase 1 of Hackberry Park

About the Langston Blvd. Extension Project

The Langston Blvd. project added 1 mile of roadway extending west from Eagle Dr. and connects the city to the soon-to-open SH 99/Grand Parkway. The $8 million 18-month project, constructed by Angel Brothers, included not only the roadway, but trail-width pathway connecting nearby neighborhoods to the developing Hackberry Park and an amenity bridge that serves as a gateway into Mont Belvieu from the Grand Parkway. The bridge features oil derrick-style spires that are a nod to Mont Belvieu’s history and the city’s continuing importance in the oil and natural gas industries. While the ribbon cutting does officially mark the completion of the Langston Blvd. project, the road will not be open to traffic until TXDOT and the Grand Parkway Initiative (GPI) complete and open SH 99.

About Hackberry

Park Hackberry Park was envisioned by the City of Mont Belvieu to create a city-wide and regional amenity supplemental to the fundamental and pragmatic need of providing stormwater detention. The detention capacity provided is capable of meeting immediate construction demands as well as future stormwater detention needs within the watershed. The 200-acre Hackberry Park features almost 70 acres of interconnected ponds and will be a regional hub for outdoor activity. “We are very excited to kick off the first phase of Hackberry park and welcome our residents to this beautiful facility,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dustin Schubert. “Similar to how City Park has a regional draw for sports and events, Hackberry will do the same for nature based activities. With the recent installation of trees, the park is really taking shape and we look forward to welcoming our residents at the end of this year.

Photos provided by City of Mont Belvieu