GCCISD Superintendent’s message on school safety


In light of the events in Uvalde ISD, we would like to share Dr. O’Brien’s message to the community:

The tragedy that occurred in Uvalde ISD is truly devastating. Our hearts go out to the families and educators that have experienced this horrific crisis.

School safety is on the forefront of our minds at this moment, as it is for every school district. Goose Creek CISD has implemented measures that have strengthened the safety and security of our schools over the past few years. We have established a district standard for perimeter fencing, which has been installed at all of our schools. We have also constructed safety vestibules at all campuses, which help protect the front entry point at every campus.

Our primary focus continues to be the safety of our students and staff while they are in our care. We have grown our police department staff to 20 police officers and have doubled the size of our security officers as well. We have taken these measures because we know they will help keep students and staff safe.

Our Social Emotional Learning department, which has grown from two staff members to almost 15 social emotional workers over the last two years, provides resources and assistance for students and faculty who need support in the areas of mental health and wellbeing.

While these measures help increase the safety of our schools, we are being vigilant in our discussions and actions about school safety and how we can continually strengthen our efforts. In light of the Uvalde shooting, we are currently in the process of reviewing our safety procedures and practices to ensure Goose Creek provides the safest learning environment for our students and staff.