Battleship sails to Galveston August 31

The Battleship Texas is set to sail on Wednesday, Aug. 31 to a drydock in Galveston for repairs to its hull.

In Drydock for repairs one year

Battleship Texas Foundation Announces Ship Departure on August 31st

LA PORTE- The Battleship Texas Foundation (BTF), with their partners, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Historical Commission, announce that the Battleship Texas will be departing San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site for repairs on August 31st. Repairs will be done at Gulf Copper & Manufacturing Corporations’ Galveston Shipyard. Due to weather or day of delays, the departure is subject to potential postponement. A livestream video of the departure will be available for the public to view for free on the BTF YouTube channel and Facebook group page.

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, parts of Independence Parkway, and the Lynchburg Ferry will be closed from the early morning hours on August 31st until the ship has moved past the Lynchburg Ferry. The ship can be viewed throughout her route over most of the day. Good viewing locations for the public include, subject to the local authority, Bayland Island, Texas City Dike, Seawolf Park, and Pier 21. The ship should pass the Texas City Dike and Seawolf Park around early to mid-afternoon and be in Galveston by mid to late afternoon.

All updates will be on the BTF website

Please see the FAQs below for more information:

Q. Is the Battleship Texas moving?
A. Yes. The ship is being towed from San Jacinto to Gulf Copper shipyard in Galveston for repairs to the ship’s hull.

Q. When will the ship leave San Jacinto?
A. August 31st. This date is based on the optimal tides and currents at San Jacinto and Galveston  to facilitate the safe movement of the ship. The date is subject to change on short notice, perhaps even the morning of the tow, based on parameters that could affect a successful and safe departure.

Q. Will San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site be open to the public for viewing the ship’s departure?
A. No, the move is planned to occur during hours the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site is normally closed.

Q. When will the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site open?
A. The goal is to have the ship out of the slip and navigating down the Houston Ship Channel before the San Jacinto Battleground opens at 9am. However, the San Jacinto Battleground will remain closed until the battleship has started moving down the Houston Ship Channel should the ship not leave by 9am.

Q. Will the ship departure be live streamed?
A. Yes. Battleship Texas Foundation will stream the departure, for free, on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Facebook – Battleship Texas Foundation Group
YouTube –

Q. Where can I watch the ship moving in person?
A. Though we have no control over any location, there are several locations to watch the ship in motion. These locations include, subject to local authority, Bayland Island, Texas City Dike, Pier 21, and Seawolf Park.

Q. What is the tentative schedule for the ship leaving?
A. We plan to start pulling the ship out of San Jacinto before dawn and arrive in Galveston mid-afternoon on the tow day. As we get closer, we will announce a tighter timeline.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to see the battleship in the drydock?
A. Yes, from the Pier 21 area. The Battleship Texas Foundation is working on plans for additional, closer viewing opportunities, at a later date.

Q. Will drone flights be allowed?
A. Drone flights within the boundaries of San Jacinto Battleground SHS are by permit only. Per FAA guidelines, flights over or near both the Battleship and Monument are restricted, as are flights over the Ship Channel and industrial neighbors.

Q. Can I follow the ship in my watercraft?
A. Water traffic will be restricted throughout the Ship Channel and within a safety zone of the ship while it is under tow.

Q. How do I get the most accurate, up to date information on the Battleship?
A. You can get accurate, current information at and our social media channels.