Nude body found in river needs identified

HIGHLANDS – Authorities at the Harris County Coroner’s office are trying to identify a body without clothing that was found floating in the San Jacinto River on December 10th. It was found near 2410 Shorewick Drive in Highlands.

The body was a male about 6′ 1″ tall, 114 pounds, adult of unknown age and race, according to the coroner. Two tattoos are visible on the decedent, which include a large cross with hands in prayer, and the word “We” on the center of the back, and another tattoo with a rose and other plants/flowers on the lower left arm. The body was found without any identification or personal effects, and without clothing.

If you recognize or believe you may be able to help identify the deceased, contact the Coroner at 832-927- 5000, or Forensic Investigations at 832-927- 5001. Case number is ML22-5161.