Stephens takes heart screening message to Super Bowl

SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) came to national attention last December, when Cincinnati Bengals safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, and almost died. Medical personnel saved him with CPR and defibrillation.

Heart defects have been an important part of Crosby’s Scott Stephens life, ever since his son Cody died at home of CSA in May 2012.

Scott has made it his life’s mission to save others by promoting and offering heart screening for youth athletes, promoting legislation by states to provide these screenings, and in many cases paying for AED machines through his Cody Foundation.

Now he plans to attend the Super Bowl in Arizona, and in conjunction with author and NFL player Randy Grimes at “Radio Row,” to tell Stephens’ story, and spread the word about potential threats to athletes’ health.

Stephens and Grimes have scheduled about 50 fifteen minute interviews with media.

For more information about the Cody Stephens Foundation, visit www.codystephens