Old River-Winfree City Council Takes Action to Ensure Fire and Safety Coverage

On or around July 12, 2022, Mayor Landry and the Old River Winfree City Council were informed that the Old River Winfree Volunteer Fire department had disbanded and closed its doors. This decision was made without consulting Mayor Landry or the city council. Mayor Landry met with the Brian Winningham, Mont Belvieu City Manager, Fire Chief Lee Atchison and Assistant Fire Chief Brent Hahn to secure a contract for Fire and Safety coverage from the Mont Belvieu Fire department for the city of Old River-Winfree.

Mayor Landry and the city council of Old River-Winfree budgeted and donated $20,000 to the Mont Belvieu Fire Department for the FY 2021-2022. This year is fiscal year 2022-2023.

Mayor Landry and the city council members, Mayor Pro Temp Jackie Johnson, Kathy Franssen, Pam McCall, J.F. Steadham and Judy Strickland presented assistant Mont Belvieu Fire Chief Hahn with a $50,000 check ($20,000 budgeted city funds for fire protection and $30,000 which is a result of the American Recovery Act Grant). Mayor Landry and the city council will continue to work with the Mont Belvieu Fire Department for the safety and betterment of this city.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the city office at 281-385-1735 or email at cityorw@gmail.com.