Goose Creek CISD Students captivated by Solar Eclipse despite Cloudy Skies

Despite the thick clouds casting a shadow over the sky, excitement buzzed through Gentry Junior School as 7th graders Kyle Labouve and Isabella Victoria eagerly awaited the solar eclipse. Armed with their solar glasses, they joined their classmates on the school grounds, where they witnessed the phenomenon.

Meanwhile, over at Alamo Elementary School, a group of 2nd graders gathered in the playground, their eyes glued to the sky. Among them were Blakely Schimming, Chloe Martinez, Kylie Richards, Amir Sims, and Ethan Jefferson. Despite their young age, they were fascinated by the rare event unfolding above them.

As the moon slowly crept across the face of the sun, the students marveled at the celestial dance taking place overhead. Despite the overcast conditions, the dimming of the daylight was unmistakable, creating a nice atmosphere.

Capturing the moment with their cameras, even though the skies didn’t clear, the experience of witnessing such a rare cosmic event together with their classmates, was truly unforgettable.