Send ’em a Texas Ranger

Lloyd Shelby

What a week. It seems that the whole world is tipping over on its side. There’s a gunman loose in the Washington/Virginia area and everyone is staying home, not even shopping for groceries! The economy in that area is down millions of dollars and the nut is still runnin’ loose! How about putting a BIG reward out for this guy’s capture, say, $1,000,000.00? I betcha that would get him caught real quick like. And, if all else fails, we may just have to settle it by sending them a Texas Ranger. End of story.
Have you heard the latest from Panic World Headquarters? North Korea has deliverable nuclear weapons. DUH!!! Guess where they got the technology to build accurate missiles for those nuclear weapons. Well, it’s spelled B-I-L-L C-L-I-N-T-O-N. Slick sold them the technology so he could finance his campaign. Then he made sure nothing would be done about it by appointing Her Majesty, Madeline Allbright sic (there’s a great last name for ya!), as Secretary of State. North Korea promised to play nice and she believed ‘em!
Now Korea is ready to move and everyone is saying “it’s Bush’s fault”! Sorry, guys. Some of us have been following this thing and know what’s goin’ on. Everyone else is just now startin’ to see the mess that went on in Washington during Slick’s stay. The scary part is, how much more damage is yet uncovered?
On the cheerier side, the election season is almost over. Can Thanksgiving be far behind? Is it a coincidence that Thanksgiving quickly follows the elections? Just be sure and vote, especially for the governor.
I’m having trouble deciding which scoundrel to vote for. Is it still legal to vote for my favorite candidate, “None of the Above”?
A little note to the boys who do the grate cookin’ at “Larry’s” on Thursday nite: “I love you guys! Just keep them steaks juicy”!
I got to entertain about forty Japanese visiting Tyler on Saturday. What a great time! They spoke little or no English and I spoke only two or three phrases of Japanese. However, when I spoke “cowboy”, they understood instantly. They knew the words and music to “Happy Trails”, and sang right along. I taught them the words to “Back In The Saddle Again”. No problem. Then they wanted their pictures taken holdin’ my antique Colt pistols, usually pointed at me! You see, in Japan, they cannot own firearms of any kind, so they have a real fascination with guns.
One really nice guy informed me through the interpreter that he was a black belt. I said I was a good shot. He then said he would stop the bullet with his sword. I said, “bang, bang, bang”! He said, “I now dead”!
These folks were very courteous and polite. Some were flat out funny, like that guy. We all enjoyed each others company. What was the common bond though, was the cowboy spirit, which they loved and identified with so well.
I guess the American cowboy is still one of the best good will ambassadors we have, and Lord knows, we need them now, more than ever. So this week, if you see a cowboy, tell him thanks. He’ll know what you mean!
Shut the gate on your way out, pard.
‘Till we meet again, Happy Trails! Lloyd