George West and Egypt…All part of Texas

Cowboy Poet Shelby

Well, it looks a whole lot like a wet winter (again). I wish someone would find out how to turn that thing off!
Anyway, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when they caught those sniper guys. It’s a shame it took so many lives.
Don’t forget that it’s only a little over a week ‘till we’re campaign commercial free! Shouldn’t there be a holiday for that or something?

Speakin’ of them politicians, did you hear about the politician who was kissin’ babies and the mothers washed the baby’s mouths out with soap?!
I’m not sure who to believe anymore. The Democrats tell us how mean the Republicans are and to vote Democrat. The Republicans tell us what scoundrels the Democrats are, so vote for Republicans. The Independents tell us that everybody is crooked but them. Well, it makes a decision so tough, when all of them are tellin’ the truth!
I had somebody tell me maybe I should lighten up on poor ole Bill Clinton and his cronies. I told them that I would, but Bill won’t leave the stage. He keeps trying to stay in the spotlight. So I politely told them, I really believe that you all read my ramblin’s because I don’t say what everyone else says, I just say what everyone else would say, if given the chance! Now, if I’m wrong on this, please write and let the Star Courier know.
Speaking of the Star Courier, how about the new website? It is really nice. Check it out at (By the way, they will eventually get around to changing it for each week, I promise).
This weekend, I will be down in beautiful George West Texas for their Storyfest. It’s a long way down there, but it is probably the single best event of its kind in Texas. There will be storytelling, ghost stories, poets, a working chuckwagon, games, music and a lot of other stuff for the kids and adults. I’m going to keep tellin’ you all about these things until some of you attend. These are great family weekends that are free admission.
The second weekend in November is the Egypt Plantation Days in Egypt, Texas. Yes, Virginia, there is an Egypt, Texas! Another free event with something for everyone. Egypt is just ten miles North of Wharton, Texas. Try this one, too!
I guess I’ve never come right out and said it, but you might stick your ole head into a local Crosby church service on Sunday. There are a bunch of good ones around and one of ‘em will fit you, I’ll guarantee. You might even like it!
As you’ve probably already guessed, I had a lot of stuff to say, just none of it was real long. See, you were lucky this week. But that don’t mean you don’t have to close the gate when you leave! So have a great week, say somethin’ nice to someone you don’t even know and, ‘till we meet again, Happy Trails, Lloyd