Algae taints Crosby MUD


CROSBY – Beginning Tuesday, May 20, residents inside Crosby Municipal Utility District had begun to complain of foul taste and odor from their drinking water.

One resident exclaimed, “I had bragged about how good we had it here until last week! Finally, I had family visiting from all over the country for Memorial Day week and when the wife went to serve breakfast, my little niece said, ‘Looky, there’s chocolate in the ice.’ I reached into the ice bucket and smelled a piece – I’ll tell you it didn’t smell like chocolate at all. I hate to think what the adults thought was going on before we got some store-bought ice in here. I just want your paper to find out what those people at the water plant are trying to do to us!”

“The water smelled and looked dirty. My neighbor said it made her sick.” expressed a pretty lady at a weekend gathering.

Crosby M.U.D. board member Raymond Johnson explained that the taste and odor in the local water had come from an algae bloom.
Scientists describe an algae bloom as a formation of microscopic aquatic plants in freshwater. This eutrophication process is an excessive growth of algae or other water plants which depletes oxygen levels of deeper water.

According to Johnson, the water district has a 4 bay pond in the surface water plant that was overflowed three feet to get rid of the algae infested water. Thereafter, the system was flushed, hydrants were drained to remove algae from the lines.