Chamber reviews Overpass progress with Eversole

A sketch of the new Crosby FM2100 Overpass

CROSBY– Members of the Economic Development committee of the Crosby/Huffman Chamber met with Commissioner Jerry Eversole last week, to review progress and design details on the proposed overpass to be built by the Texas Department of Transportation on FM2100, over the main Union Pacific railroad tracks near Kernohan.

Chairman Larry Koslovsky and other committee members heard Eversole discuss schedule, progress to date, and what the County can pay for, and not.

The committee also reviewed some design sketches, prepared by architect Gilbert Hoffman after meetings with TxDOT engineers. They seek to portray the community’s desire to blend the new structure in to the existing older city fabric. The sketches show antique style lighting, concrete railings and support structures reminiscent of older county roads and bridges. The overpass is being built in an area of Crosby that is historically the earliest business center.

The overpass is planned to be four lanes, with frontage roads at grade. Eversole said that surveying is now underway, bids would be let in the 4th quarter of 2004, with construction beginning by July 2005. Completion could follow in 16 to 24 months after that.

In commenting on the overpass, Eversole noted how Crosby is changing. In 20 years, everything will have changed, whether we like it or not. He said, “You have to plan for growth, and not let growth plan you.”