Motive is mystery in family shooting


BAYTOWN – Lakewood Heights residents awoke in the wee hours of Saturday morning to a mammoth police presence beginning at about 3:26 a.m.

At about 3:18 a.m. on June 14, a Baytown 911 Operator received a call from a man claiming to be at 304 Lakewood. The man on the phone was reportedly calm. The man then stated, “ I shot my wife and my child.” but hung up the phone before giving his name.

William Michael Chamblin, 49, was taken into custody at about 6:35 a.m. Without warning the man walked out of his front door and complied with police instructions. So ended over three hours of stand-off with Baytown SWAT teams.

Once inside, mother and daughter were lying side by side in the kitchen, both had gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Two family pets, dogs, also lay dead in the kitchen.

Chamblin was arraigned on June 16 in the 262nd District Court. Judge Mike Anderson placed Chamblin on “No Bond” and he remains in Harris County Jail as of press time.

Baytown Police Sgt. Richard Whitaker indicates that police suspect Chamblin shot his family sometime between 7:30 and midnight Friday. Whitaker indicates his office is speaking with friends and family to determine why the crime was committed.

“We have never had a case more clear cut about how a murder was committed but we are still working on the why.” Whitaker ventured concerning the gruesome details that resulted in the charge of capital murder.

“It looks like he took them by surprise.” said Whitaker.