Open letter to Congressman Green: Dems are “Weenies”, not Heroes…

Dear Editor:

I will do what I know to be the right thing, and respond directly to Congressman Gene Green’s Letter to the Editor dated June 11, 2003.

First, let me say that Mr. Green has evidently become a “Beltway Insider” because he has certainly lost touch with reality and, I believe, with regular Texans who have to work for a living.

I, along with most true Texans, are highly, indeed, tremendously insulted by Mr. Green calling the “Weenie Democrats” who ran away from their responsibilities at the regular session of the recent Legislature, “True Heroes”.

Shame on you Mr. Green!!! You have demonstrated that you either don’t know, or worse, don’t care, about the meaning of HERO to Texans. A HERO is someone who STANDS, and doesn’t run away from adversity, like at the Alamo. My ancestor, The Honorable David Crockett came to Texas to stand for what he believed to be right. He didn’t run, even though he could have. He stood his ground. The men who fought and died at the Alamo and Goliad were HEROES, Mr. Green. The WEENIE DEMOCRATS were NOT heroes, by any definition. There were just the opposite, COWARDS.

By the way congressman, the reason you all chose not to allow redistricting was for “purely political reasons”. Grow up, Gene. It’s all for political reasons, and you darn well know it. Don’t insult us by claiming you Liberals are in it for any other reason and then try and sound holier that thou.

However, let’s look at your argument that the WEENIES were right in what they did.

You said, “redistricting is a serious constitutional matter”, and you are right. However, you use the old liberal ploy of distorting the truth. Redistricting is a matter set out in our State Constitution. It is the responsibility of the Legislature to draw the lines for the Congressional Districts. It is not the responsibility of a “bipartisan three-judge panel”.

The Democratically controlled Legislature in 2001 would not follow their Constitutional responsibilities and redistrict the State. They abdicated their responsibility and left it to the court, which did the job until the next Legislature could do the job, as is set out in the state constitution. It is interesting to note that Liberal/Democrats cannot get their agendas through legislative channels almost anywhere, so they try and use the courts to implement laws that elected representatives would not, or could not pass.

Your own Letter to the Editor proves my point. “While the districts created by the court elected 17 Democrats and 15 Republicans in 2002, statewide Republican candidates carried 20 of 32 Congressional districts”. That means that the state of Texas is 63% Republican and only 27% Democrat. By that formula, Texas is primarily a conservative state, yet it is represented by Liberals, like yourself. Texas should have almost 20 Republican representatives in Washington and only about 12 Democrats. Yet you somehow figure, “there is no compelling reason to redraw Congressional lines at this time”?

And since you speak of fining someone, we voters think the WEENIES should have to pay for the time they left, as well as the special session, which was necessitated because they would not do their job!

Congressman Green, sir, you have lost your ability to reason logically. Heroes stand for something and fight to defend that idea. The 51 WEENIES are not heroes, so do not insult my ancestors by misuse of that word. You will have a fight if you continue with that BS, sir!

I think it’s time for you to come back and work for a livin’, like most Texans. How about you resign? After reading your shameful diatribe, you ought to give it serious thought, especially since that decision may be made for you by the voters.

You have ripped the wrong cowboy this time, sir. I am not impressed by your mis-information, or by your defense of the WEENIES. Remember, Gene, you are judged by the company you keep. You may want to find some new friends!

Lloyd Shelby
Texan and Taxpayer