Highlands Firemen rescue marine workman

HIGHLANDS– Firemen from the local department had an unusual rescue last Wednesday, when they had to enter the hull of a barge on the San Jacinto river, secure a man on a back board that had fallen 20 feet into the vessel, and then use a crane to lift him up to safety.
In charge of this operation was Sean Matula of the Highlands Fire Department.

The accident occured at the San Jacinto Barge Repair Company, which is operating on the property where the Chips RV park stood for many years, on South Main Street at Ellis School Road.

Also on hand for the rescue were members of the Houston Fire Department, and LifeFlight, which transported the victim to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The man was a 45 year old worker for the barge company, and although no witnesses reported exactly what happened, it is assumed that he missed the opening on the deck, and fell in.

Fire department rescue workers said that the man was semi-conscious when transported, but obviously in pain. He was unable to tell the story of what happened, partially due to language differences.